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He has an incredible way of presenting the argument for gun control in a most direct, logical, and simple way. He went on a mission to find out and as painful as that is, his experience is invaluable. It is so true for those who have gone through terrible tragedies (mine is not the same issue as his) and are 20 years down the road,(as I am also) there is a wisdom that comes with all that experience.

Ieri sera abbiamo fatto gruppo d’ascolto per vedere una nuova trasmissione, su Sky Vivo. Si chiama “L’uomo per me” ed il meccanismo che sostiene questa specie di Reality americano (doppiato per l’italia e, mi sa, compresso a mo’ di fiction) è abbastanza semplice: una signorina carina nel fisico quanto quel giusto mix tra zoccola e ritrosa nell’animo si ritrova in un ranch con 14 aitanti maschioni che cercano di conquistarla. Però alcuni di essi sono gay in incognito.

ADAPT University Press. In: . Garanzia Giovani: “L’errore è credere che possa cambiare tutto in poco tempo”. Nel 1684 dall’Earl di Granard come Royal Regiment of Ireland questo reggimento combatté durante la successione spagnola, la Rivoluzione Americana e la guerra in Crimea. Con la riorganizzazione del 1881 fu rinominato Royal Irish Regiment e spedito alternativamente in India e Sud Africa. Reclutava tra Kilkenny, Waterford e Wexford (tratto da qui).

Chapter for the new edition of the Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography. Frenken K., Van Oort F., Verburg T., 2007. Related Variety, Unrelated Variety and Regional Economic Growth. Times, Sunday Times (2009)They come with a handy cleaning cloth and tough case with a quick release hook so you can attach it to your bag. The Sun (2013)When completely dry, polish off with a clean cloth. Times, Sunday Times (2008)The avuncular Yorkshireman with the cloth cap and the polite twinkle was just a front.

So yeah, dumbing it down a few notches would’nt scare them away. Alot of them voted for GW Bush mostly because they did’nt like Gore or Kerry. They refered to them as “republicrats” and hearing thier voting records they were right. The Sun (2012)Then he damaged his shoulder so badly that specialists gave him little chance of riding again. Times, Sunday Times (2009)He will improve a lot and deserves to take his chance. The Sun (2014)What sort of risks or chances have you taken in your lifetime? Christianity Today (2000)Who knows what would have happened had the chance been taken? Times, Sunday Times (2015)We conceded only one chance and would have been very unlucky if they had scored.