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Così scrive Eddi nelle sue note: “This was written for Robert’s good friend William Stewart. As I searched through some song books this song caught my eye because it was titled ‘Enscribed on a tumbler’. Robert had a diamond stylus and wrote these verses onto a crystal glass one night in celebration of his good friend.

“Senza dubbio la mia ultima sfilata per Oscar de la Renta: un momento indimenticabile e speciale della mia carriera. Perché Oscar non era solo un eccellente stilista, ma anche una persona meravigliosa, di animo gentile. Prima di uscire sulla passerella, mi ha preso la mano e ha detto: ‘Karlie sei bellissima.

Travel around Indian football and you see, broadly, two extremes: one, privately run grassroots programmes that get no love from their state associations but still push on to send village kids into decent livelihoods and jobs through football. Then there are senior state officials who cannot be bothered to work with clubs to reorganize and strengthen their state leagues so that there are competition pathways for the young footballers coming through. FIFA’s own financial and technical assistance programmes set up in 2015 across seven states in India Maharashtra, Kerala, Mizoram, Goa, Delhi, Assam and Bengal had to shut down in Goa, Assam and Delhi..

I do wish he would differentiate between what Paul stated in Scripture and his interpretations his hermeneutics (interpretation) and mine. The way he has written this indicates that his is the only correct interpretation and mine is contrary evidence, so it cannot be accepted. That is not the case.

Computing (2010)Surely the primary appeal of wildlife documentary is a visual one? Times, Sunday Times (2008)Wildlife experts quickly raised doubts about the picture. Times, Sunday Times (2009)Wildlife photographers do a lot of waiting. Times, Sunday Times (2012)They plan to take part in a day of picnics and visits to wildlife reserves instead.

Times, Sunday Times (2013)There are at least a dozen alleged victims. Times, Sunday Times (2013)How many ” flood victims” need houses. Hyland, Paul Indian Balm Travels in the Southern Subcontinent (1994)You must be sure the relationship meets your needs or you will end up another unhappy victim.

Let’s start with Paula Cademartori: the Italian Brazilian designer who we have recently interviewed, is known for uplifting the accessories world with her bright hues. Following her capsule collection of shoes and bags for Kartell, she has now personalized the iconic Madame armchair by Philippe Starck. The result is Madama Paula, featuring a multicolored print, a captivating upholstery with a dreamlike and visionary twist: the pattern combines art nouveau petals, exotic birds and hands bejeweled with hearts, flowers, stars and scalloped bows..