/Golden Goose Sneakers Offerte

Golden Goose Sneakers Offerte

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Sono pronte ad arrivare le offerte per la catena di distributori TotalErg. Secondo le indiscrezioni raccolte da Mergermarket, infatti, la scadenza per le offerte non vincolanti, da presentare all Rothschild, sarebbe stata fissata per il prossimo 23 gennaio. Gli information memorandum sarebbero stati inviati a una ventina di potenziali compratori.

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Un aneddoto attribuisce la composizione del testo ad un’occasione ben più avventurosa così scrive John Loesberg in Scottish Songs of Robert Burns the exciseman, finds himself awaiting reinforcements from Dumfries before boarding a French brig to impound her cargo. After several hours waiting in the wet salt marshes Burns was getting increasingly impatient and was heard to abuse his colleague Lewars, who had galloped off with the message. One of the waiting men suggested that the devil should take Lewars for his pains and that Burns should write a song about his fellow exciseman while they waited.