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The Prince empire now includes an aviation division, a maritime division, an intelligence company and Blackwater manufactures both surveillance blimps and armored vehicles. It recently opened a new Blackwater facility in Illinois called “Blackwater North” and is fighting back fierce local opposition to a planned 800+ acre facility in Poterero, California, just miles from the US Mexico border. Outside of military bases.

Times, Sunday Times (2008)They hear screams and see people in the final stages of life. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The illustrations overleaf show suitable positions for second and first stage labour. Westcott, Patsy Alternative Health Care for Women (1991)The company is still in the early stages of assessing the field.

As we come out, we find Cuma, John and Trevor inspecting the electrical panel. Way more interesting to them than stacks of books in Chinese. Electricity, the universal language (I assume).. Uzzi B., 1996. The sources and consequences of embeddedness for the economic performance of organizations: the network effect. American Sociological Review, 61, 674 698.

Qui i corvi sono tre e il testo è in inglese, accanto al cadavere del cavaliere giacciono i suoi fedeli cani e falchi, e una donna cerva lo seppellisce. Vernon Chatman in three ravens explicated 1963 ipotizza che la donna cervo sia una sorta di donna centauro e che l della ballata sia irlandese (o quanto meno che la ballata sia derivata da una versione irlandese) (vedi anche in htm): egli ipotizza che il cavaliere appartenga al Clan del Cervo Rosso e che la donna cervo sia lo spirito guardiano in forma animale ma anche di fanciulla. Il riferimento però va anche alla corrigan del folklore bretone, la fata cerva del Greenwood ovvero il bosco sacro che si pettina i capelli d accanto ad una fonte in attesa del cacciatore che la sposerà (e per certi aspetti simile alle sirene) continua.

The Sun (2016)Worked hard to get team going in the second half. The Sun (2011)We need time to work hard but also time to play. Christianity Today (2000)The test is much harder than it used to be. Time and place [the fare of horses, a bill of fare]; victuals (see victual, n. 2) is a dialectal or colloquial word for human fare or diet; provisions (see provision, n. 2b), in this connection, refers to a stock of food assembled in advance [provisions for the hike]; ration refers to a fixed allowance or allotment of food [the weekly ration] and in the plural (rations) to food in general [how are the rations in this outfit?]Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition..