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Our main products are stone crafts like waterjet medallion, stair, pillar, counter top, border, fireplace, stone reliefs and embossment etc. Which are widely used for all kinds of building as hotels, shopping malls and so on. Meanwhile, we provide all kinds of natural marble and granite, artificial marble and quartz stone big slabs and tiles.

When complete the noble steed is put on a box, covered with a rug, and on the evening of the last day of the month a man gets on to his back, and is drawn all round the ship by his shipmates, to the chanting of the following doggerel: oh! now, poor Horse, your time is come; And we say so, for we know so. Oh! many a race we know you won, Poor Old Man. You have come a long long way, And we say so, for we know so.

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I think we make a mistake if we look for one single, simple answer to explain Bush’s decision to invade Iraq (such as oil, etc).My sense, from my own reporting and from several good books that I have read “Assassin’s Gate” by George Packer and “Fiasco” by Tom Ricks, in particular is that there were multiple, overlapping reasons. Let me throw out just a few:1) frustration and bitterness among Bush’s aides who had served in Bush 41 that they had not overthrown Saddam in 1991;2) a desire to recreate the Middle East in their own (democratic) image;3) post 9/11 paranoia about another attack from whatever source;4) a desire to show, that after being wounded by the 9/11 attacks, the United States could strike anywhere in the world, even if the target wasn’t directly linked to the 9/11 plot (former Undersecretary of Defense Doug Feith actually said something like this).So in a sense, it was a Perfect Storm, though as the Moyers documentary points out, it was not inevitable.It’s also important to remember that while senior Bush aides could have and should have known the entire case was faulty and based on bogus intelligence, it’s also probable they believed their own talking points. The vice president STILL argues that al Qaida was in Iraq before March 2003, although every bit of “evidence” on that count has been discounted.