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I also like to put designers in the context of what they have done before. For example, since Demna Gvasalia is now designing both for his own Vetements label and for Balenciaga, I have to consider whether the two collections he creates have similarities, and what is the relationship to Cristbal Balenciaga’s legacy. Good journalism is not about bad criticism; it is really more about context..

Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli e Giovanni Anzani sono i tre amministratori delegati di Poliform, provenienti ciascuno di loro da una delle tre famiglie fondatrici; rivestono differenti e complementari aree di responsabilità all’interno dell’azienda ma le loro decisioni vengono prese all’unanimità, con il management a fare da supporto tecnico. Anche questa evoluzione aziendale che accoglie Varenna in Poliform è stata una decisione unanime, come spiegano i protagonisti: “Abbiamo deciso di convergere in un unico brand in grado di esprimere al meglio i valori e le caratteristiche di un’azienda proiettata verso il futuro. Una scelta sicuramente coraggiosa, parte di una piu grande ed ambiziosa trasformazione, che contribuira in modo determinante alla crescita dell’azienda.

It was one of the opening events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Britain Golden Retriever Club. And because Scotland is the birthplace of the breed, hundreds of dogs a new record of 222 dogs, to be exact and dog owners from around the world made the pilgrimage to the tiny conservation village of Tomich, next to the Guisachan Estate, about a 200 mile drive north from Glasgow. Some came from as far away as Australia.

They take the gains when their stock is rising, when their companies are profitable, but when they get into trouble, you socialize the losses. The taxpayer has to pay them. We have rewarded this kind of dysfunctional behavior. In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court in Israel has ruled that all public water fluoridation in the state of Israel must cease by 2014.The court ruling is remarkable in that it goes even further than and thus overturns the decision taken earlier this year by Israel Minister for Health, Yael German, who had legislated for an end to mandatory fluoridation, leaving the option open to local councils to fluoridate water supplies at their own discretion. Now, however, by order of the Supreme Court, fluoridation in Israel is definitively at an end. This is regarded as a crucial victory by anti fluoridation campaigners, especially given the close diplomatic and economic links between Israel and the US the original home of the policy of fluoridation.The decision is a further vindication of the work of Irish scientist Declan Waugh, who has been directly involved in the campaign to end fluoridation in Israel.Waugh had alerted the Israeli Minister for Health to the risks associated with fluoride, outlining how within less than a decade of commencement of water fluoridation, inflammatory respiratory diseases such as asthma had increased by 100% in young adults in Israel.