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Golden Goose Glitter Bambina

They could get people thinking, and I’d come in with a few concrete selections. Also, I had to admit that the essay format was not my comfort zone, which tends more to throwing in phrases that I believe to be hip but are more likely so last year. Like that one.

Around March 20 falls the equinox that by convention is considered the first day of spring, the season of rebirth, Nature awakens and the Earth begins to cover itself with colors, it is the time of the return of the vegetation, the birds build the nests and mate, the air is pleasantly warm and the hours of light are getting longer and longer. The date is associated with various cultures to concepts such as fertility, resurrection, beginning. The ancient traditions offer us, in fact, a whole series of myths linked to spring, which have at their center the idea of a sacrifice to which a rebirth takes place.

We get driven around, we don pay, we don make decisions, we just go where we are told and do as we are told. It is very much like being a child. It is like a vacation from adult responsibility. It’s also a situation that Pochettino shows little sign of tolerating again. Especially now he has just extended his own contract. He may have lost the battle over Alderweireld, but he’s laid down a marker to Levy over the rest of the squad.

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