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Golden Goose Donna Saldi

59MbAbstractAccording to the experiments conducted by Willaime Gandais, (1977) and Kovacs Gandais (1980) concerning the deformation of single crystals of sanidine under high pressures (1500 MPa) and subjected to differential stress variables as a of temperature (700 , 800 , 900 ) it is possible to obtain the activation of slip system (010) and / or (010). In particular, the results obtained the achievement of a constant strain rate at higher temperatures and at a stress of 340 MPa. Based on these experimental data we have tried to the causes activation of natural systems above slip in some deformed sanidine found in the rhyolitic laccolith of Monte Brusà.

The problem is that many of the new law’s rules are so arcane and convoluted it would take a team of forensic accountants and Talmudic scholars to properly interpret them. The “toothpick rule,” for example, bans Congress members and their aides from accepting a free meal, but they can snarf up as many free hors d’oeuvres as they like as long as they’re standing up and not sitting down. No forks, no chairs and you may be within the law.Unless.

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Sì, perché Kanye ne ha fatta una delle sue. Non contento del recente dissing su Twitter contro Wiz Kalifa, Yeezus ha inserito nel suo album una provocazione che potrebbe far tremare il mondo della musica (e non solo quello) dalle fondamenta. Nella traccia Freestyle 4, infatti, Kanye dice “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/I made that bitch famous” (non crediamo di dover agevolare traduzione).

Il 17 febbraio 2018 al Bolgia di Bergamo torna un evento da sempre imperdibile per chi vuol ballare ed emozionarsi. E’ infatti la data dell’ennesimo compleanno che Franchino, il cantastorie più famoso ed emozionante della nightlife italiana, celebra nel top club bergamasco. Solo qui si può festeggiare come si deve un evento che mette insieme sorrisi e ritmi folli.

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