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Golden Goose Bag

It’s probably the naivety of youth that resulted in her sad, tragic and untimely death. Times, Sunday Times (2016)This gruesome new series focuses on unexpected mishaps that have caused untimely deaths. The Sun (2013)Her untimely death weighs heavily on our hearts.

In 2014, TheCityUK calculates that ‘financial and related professional services’ contributed to the UK economy. A study for the House of Commons in 2015 found that around around 8% of the UK’s total gross value added (and around 20% of London’s) came from financial services. As the chart below shows, the UK is less reliant on financial services as a country than Luxembourg, but it’s a lot more reliant on financial services than France and Germany..

The place would be a madhouse with thousands of Colins. It will affect the milk bar person, the bread man, schools, social interaction, all of life around us. It a crazy idea. Knowing that the privilege is reserved for whites, he literally takes a stand to get his own library card. Based on a real incident in the life of Astronaut Ron McNair, the story gives a different feel to discrimination than most books on the subject, focusing on the institutional ruling than belief system. All of the individuals who encounter Ron from the friendly elderly lady to the helpful librarian to the befuddled police all want to help him, mostly by getting around the law.

Times, Sunday Times (2012)Residents have now stopped reporting incidents in an attempt to change the crime maps that drive down house prices. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Care home residents are very unhappy with the food she is cooking and are writing to the head office to complain. Times, Sunday Times (2012)As a resident representative, he invited me to go along and see for myself.

Laine’s Columbia career saw him move toward husky country western pop with arrangements and orchestra conduction by Mitch Miller, the vocal pop impresario who produced some of the most schmaltzy pop music of the 1950s (and recorded it as well, in a series of Sing Along with Mitch Miller LPs). Laine succumbed to Miller’s machinations soon enough, and even though his debut Columbia single, “Jezebel”/”Rose, Rose, I Love You,” was a double sided Top Five hit, he never again reached number one in America. Instead, he settled for consistent Top Ten placings during the early ’50s, with “Hey, Good Lookin’,” “Jealousy (Jalousie),” “High Noon,” “I Believe,” and “Tell Me a Story.” Laine proved to be far more popular in Great Britain and Europe than America during this time, and after his last American Top Ten hit (“Love Is a Golden Ring” in 1957), he turned to lavish cabaret tours that crisscrossed the world and found him turning to increasingly inspirational and religious material.