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The late, great social critic, Christopher Lasch said, takes social grievances and labels them personal problems. There are collective problems that are unrelentingly labeled personal: People have trouble sleeping (duh why is that now?), obesity, diabetes, divorce, suicide (more people die from their own hand than are murdered somehow that never makes it on to the evening news), drug and alcohol dependance. All of these problems are the blights of chronically conforming to a culture that cripples all of us emotionally, mentally, psychologically, sexually and physically..

Sure, you can go a day without reading, but why would you want to? I prefer bedtime as the ideal reading time. It’s easily remembered, and it’s a great way to wind down. The evening hour can also offer a spouse or older sibling an opportunity to participate.

The Sun (2015)In the future, we shall all be able to share memories and understandings. Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life (1994) Well, we shall know soon enough. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Ah well, we shall be neither washed away nor roasted alive.

Advisor dell sono stati Mediobanca, Intesa Sanpaolo, Credit Suisse e Unicredit. L verr finalizzata anche con un prestito di un pool bancario formato sempre da Unicredit, che sar anche global coordinator, Intesa Sanpaolo e Mediobanca. Advisor legali dell sono stati Giliberti Triscornia, Legance, Clifford Chance e Pedersoli.

“I think it’s pretty well understood in Washington that the administration and the treasury secretary would like to give this to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve, as many people know, is a sort of unique cloistered institution of government that is insulated from political accountability and usually quite secretive. My accusation is that it tipped its favor hard in favor of capitalism and against labor over the last 25 to 30 years, and become a kind of cheerleader under Alan Greenspan for all the excesses and so called modernization that are now in ruin.

E per il buddismo tibetano che è così pieno di fede in molteplici divinità, in vari regni ultraterreni e naturalmente nella reincarnazione e nel bardo, luogo non fisico dove la coscienza rimane prima di rinascere in un essere vivente. Il nirvana invece, per come mi è stato insegnato, non essendo un luogo ma uno stato della mente non ho difficoltà ad accettarlo. Un libro illuminante su questo tema del non credere è quello di Stephen Batchelor, Confessione di un ateo buddhista ( Ubaldini editore )..